Erik's Zeug
2015-01-24 03:41:01

Hello World!

A new start. Again.

Half a year ago I decided to create a blog and download system for my page. While the blog was finished, I never was in the mood to finish the download section. Finally I did.

By the way I reworked the whole blog, too. It is now possible to filter blog articles by multiple categories, giving a count per page and offset (for paging). Also a list of articles can be put together, for example:;2 (which gives you article 1 and 2 in a list).

The site's design was also slightly changed. I updated all pages to HTML 5 standards and added a few more effects provided by CSS. Actually you may think: "This internet site looks so old school! No modern tiling!". Yes, that is correct and intended. It is my tribute to things that pushed me into the direction of computer science and practially many other related things.

The next step from this point: Downloads. There are a lot of files that need to be put into the download section. And hopefully they will get more!

I hope you have fun browsing around here!
Edit 2015-01-31:

And again I changed the whole look of the page. Now structures should be more clear and things arent as colorful as they were before. I went back to a more simple design, except for the buttons. Additionally I added a page-wide search for downloads and blog.

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