Erik's Zeug
Author: Skotty
Released: 2016-05-29
Size (MB): 0.13

Nomad Elite Fixed

Fixed version of Nomad Elite fighter from Freelancer Beta version.
  • re-exported to update data format
  • animation "Sc_close spike" still working, but no moving sur meshes!
  • changed weapon names
  • corrected rotation range of weapons
  • added HpCloak01, HpThruster01, replaced Hp_1_01 with HpTorpedo01
  • updated to todays nomad textures
  • created .sur file supporting all listed hard points
  • added 2 level of detail models
  • added low detail wireframe model
Example files for shiparch, loadouts, faction_prop and npcships entries included (based on vanilla Freelancer).

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