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Author: Skotty
Released: 2012-02-17
Size (MB): 0.483

Light-Beam Platform

Just because Portal 2 is a newer game there is no reason to waste old testing elements. A good example besides the Energy Balls are the Light Beam Platforms. They can be used everywhere because they don't need any fixed points at walls like Portal 2's moving platforms.

In this pack there are also the missing models and textures for all the parts of the Light Beam Track. I recompiled the corner model and made it to a static prop.

In this pack you have 5 instances:

  • BeamPlatform_Beam: Here you have a preset env_beam where you have to set the start and endpoint of its beam.
  • BeamPlatform_Corner: Thats the corner for a Light Beam Platform track.
  • BeamPlatform_End: Thats the end platform for a Light Beam Platform track.
  • BeamPlatform_Wall: This is a wall emitter for the Light Beam. For the first two instances the func_instance center is the point where you have to put your path_tracks to. The wall emitter needs to have the path_track on the same layer but of course a bit futher from the wall.
  • BeamPlatform_Platform: Thats the platform itself with some settings. It's moving from MapSpawn on.

Make sure to give all instances/parts that belong to the same Light Beam the same fixup name!

For multiple platforms per track you have to use of course different ones. This just causes that the toggle won't work.

Please make sure to use the light_rail_endcap2.mdl and not the light_rail_endcap.mdl. I hexed that model because Valve made some texture tries on the original one in Portal 2's VPKs and it looks unfinished.

Put the materials and models folder to Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\.
Put the instances anywhere into Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\sdk_content\maps\instances\.

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