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Downloads in Instances, Portal 2

Energy Ball
Author: Skotty
Released: 2011-07-05
Updated: 2016-05-27
Size (MB): 1.5
Views: 1173
Downloads: 1178
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In this pack you will find the following:
  • materials, models and sounds for the normal energy ball
  • materials and models for the clean energy ball launcher and catcher
  • instances for dirty and clean launchers and catchers

Put the materials, sounds and models folder to Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\
Put the Instances folder to Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\sdk_content\maps\instances\

To hear energy ball sounds in-game, rebuild your soundcache (snd_rebuildaudiocache). Always include all missing materials, sounds and models to your maps! (Doing so makes snd_rebuildaudiocache for that map unnecessary, too)

Light-Beam Platform
Author: Skotty
Released: 2012-02-17
Size (MB): 0.483
Views: 1342
Downloads: 970
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Just because Portal 2 is a newer game there is no reason to waste old testing elements. A good example besides the Energy Balls are the Light Beam Platforms. They can be used everywhere because they don't need any fixed points at walls like Portal 2's moving platforms.

In this pack there are also the missing models and textures for all the parts of the Light Beam Track. I recompiled the corner model and made it to a static prop.

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Author: Skotty
Released: 2011-12-05
Size (MB): 0.063
Views: 1126
Downloads: 940
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This is a Faith-Plate in an Aperture Cube, requested by Soundlogic.

In this pack you got the model (uses already existing materials) and an instance.

The model itself has 4 animations and normal physics (I recommend to use the instance/use it as parent to a normal cube).

The animations are:
  • idle
  • sprung (jump, up and down in one animation) -> sound included
  • hoch (up) -> sound included
  • runter (down)

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Rocket Sentry
Author: Skotty
Released: 2011-11-27
Size (MB): 0.864
Views: 1312
Downloads: 1049
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In this pack, there are the models, materials and sounds you need for the rocket turret. Two instances are delivered for using it in Hammer, working around the bugs this NPC has in Portal 2.

The missing sounds are just hearable if you put them in a VPK file in your addons folder, put them into your map (.bsp file) or rebuild your soundcache.

The $MissileSpeed has a default of 450. If you keep ??? it will use this default speed.

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Authors: Moth, Skotty
Released: 2011-11-14
Size (MB): 1.5
Views: 1140
Downloads: 919
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This is the newest test element of the Aperture Laboratories.

This is not just a ball, it's a bumbleball. This means it jumps, bounces and even moves... if you don't watch it!

In this pack there are 4 instances:
  • a normal sphere button specialized for the bumbleballs, not useable with other objects
  • the single bumbleball
  • droppers for bumbleballs, dirty and clean

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Dynamic Crusher Instances
Author: Skotty
Released: 2011-07-18
Size (MB): 0.028
Views: 999
Downloads: 803
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These crusher instances are available for one and two sides.

The following options are given:
  • use a Reset Timer for auto-reset after crushing
  • use a Solved-Relay that brings the crusher to "de-crushes" state (even if moving)
  • use single relays just to crush or uncrush without any automatic reset
  • use the Status value - set a name of a math_counter and the crusher will add 1 if crushing and subtract 1 if uncrushing (for multiple crushers)

Do not forget to kill/deactivate the not used features with a logic_auto at mapspawn!

Put the instances anywhere into Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\sdk_content\maps\instances\.